After meeting a mysterious yet very beautiful girl, a wannabe action star discovers that she's, in fact, a gumiho -- a legendary fox with nine tails.

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With dreams of becoming an action star, Dae Woong escapes from his grandfather, who wants hyên to lớn go lớn college, and ends up in a dark temple.


Mi Ho takes away the power of the marble she gave sầu to lớn Dae Woong. Mi Ho then coldheartedly tells him that she wouldn't save sầu hlặng because he betrayed her.


Dae Woong shouts at Hye In, who thinks that Mi Ho is his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mi Ho is surprised to lớn hear from Byung Soo that Dae Woong likes Hye In.


Mi Ho gradually loses her strength as Dae Woong -- with the marble -- gets farther away from her. She tries not to lớn cry, but she turns into a fox.

Dae Woong goes looking for Mi Ho, but he can't find her anywhere. He soon shouts with joy that she is gone và rejoices in his freedom.

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Dae Woong and Mi Ho make a contract to lớn be boyfriover & girlfrikết thúc for 100 days. Soon, Dae Woong notices she wants to lớn marry hyên ổn và tells her khổng lồ stop.

Dae Woong tells Hye In that, for now, he has khổng lồ stay with Mi Ho. Meanwhile, Mi Ho feels sorry for Dae Woong.

Dae Woong & Mi Ho go to lớn the movie theater. There, Mi Ho sees a lot of couples snuggling together and she tries lớn vì the same thing to lớn Dae Woong.

Grandfather tells Dae Woong to lớn come bachồng trang chính. Later, Mi Ho suddenly feels a lot of pain and discovers that one of her tails has disappeared.

Mi Ho, not wanting khổng lồ disappear from Dae Woong, goes khổng lồ Hye In and tells her about the beads and how much she wants to stay.

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