Chèn logo hàng loạt vào ảnh

Lucid Gen has tried many ways và software on the net, have not seen any software to lớn resize and add watermark to lớn phokhổng lồ in bulk lượt thích PhotoScape. Save sầu 90% time, effort, completely không tính tiền. Currently, Lucid Gen has switched khổng lồ using this method, & the admin has saved a lot of pain in editing photos or creating Shopee photo lớn frames in bulk. Then follow it right away; what are you waiting for, guys. This is the article I guide for the computer. If using the phone, please see the article How lớn add biểu tượng logo lớn photo lớn on the phone.

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Install PhotoScape

PhotoScape I know it has been around for a long time.Now to keep up with the times, PhotoScape X is available for Windows 8 & up and MacOS.I leave the link for reference, and you don’t need to download it from the liên kết but tải về it in the Store according khổng lồ the instructions below.

Install PhotoScape for Windows

On Windows, find theMicrosoft Storeappandfind PhotoScape X, then clickGet and installlớn tải về.

Open the Insert section, cliông chồng the plus sign, select Image

Clicking on the biểu tượng logo opens the customization window.Select the position of the logo pinso that the hình ảnh automatically aligns to lớn that angle.Then you adjust the X and Y sides or use the mouse khổng lồ move sầu it khổng lồ the beautiful place you want.

You can also cliông xã the circular buttons on the hình ảnh to stretch it as much as you like.If your logo sản phẩm is already well-prepared, it’s done; if you want khổng lồ add a little effect, try tweaking it in the editing panel.It can cast shadows as well.

You have finished editing the image biệu tượng công ty, then let’s go to the step of saving the image.

How to add a logo with text khổng lồ a photo

And if you vị not have sầu a logo or have a logo sản phẩm but bởi not lượt thích khổng lồ use it for your article, you can use the same word.(Revealing a bit the reason why I don’t use the photo biệu tượng công ty because, in the future, the image hình ảnh sản phẩm may change, but the text will not affect anything, hehe).

You clickthe plus sign ( + )in the Insert section và then selectTextlớn add the text hình ảnh to lớn the image.

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Write the text you lượt thích, then also adjust the position of the logo pin.But especially with text, you have more options khổng lồ customize the effect.Customize the color và fonts in the red circled bar in the image.

Then add a little effect lớn it, và it’s beautiful.Take a look in theMore Optionssection:

Transform:curved text effect.Outline:text border.Drop Shadow:drop an open shadow under the text.Outer Glow:make text glow.Gradient:variable text color.

You can add an element to lớn decorate additionally lớn reduce monotony.Clickthe plus sign ( + )& then selectFigure.

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Select the element you want lớn addkhổng lồ decorate.For example, I will make the border around, then choose the square border.