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Asus just announced its Zenfone 4 family of devices a couple of months ago, creating a convoluted and confusing portfolio. To kiông chồng things off, we have sầu the Zenfone 4 Max on the lower end of the group. For $199, you get budget-cấp độ specs, except for the massive sầu 5,000mAh battery. Besides it just being large & providing a lot of life, the Zenfone 4 Max"s battery can also charge other devices. Cool, right?

That"s about where the positives kết thúc. I have sầu no problem with low-tier hardware because I"ve seen it put khổng lồ good use, but when you slap a very heavy "skin" on top of Android, you"re bound to lớn run inkhổng lồ some issues. That"s exactly what happened with the Zenfone 4 Max: Asus" ZenUI mars the experience & usability of the phone. The "premium" build quality of the device is suspect at best and I have sầu lớn question some of the decisions that Asus made with the Zenfone 4 Max.

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The Good

Battery lifeWith such a huge battery, this is pretty obvious. This phone is very difficult to lớn kill, usually netting me roughly two & a half days of use on a single charge.

The Not So Good

SoftwareThis the older, clunkier version of ZenUI that"s just hideous. At least Nougat 7.1.1 is running under it all.
NavigationWhile I dislike capacitive keys, these really irritate me. Instead of being backlit, they"re just reflective. Useless at night.
PerformanceThe SnapLong 430 does not handle this heavy-handed version of ZenUI well. Plenty of stutter và lag.
MicroUSBCome on, this late in 2017? A minor thing, yes, but still an annoyance.
Build qualityThe phone creaks and cracks when even slightly flexed (like in a pocket). I am suspicious of its long-term durability.

Design & display


Asus has certainly improved its smartphone kiến thiết in the last year or so. The Zenfone 4 Max is the Taiwanese company"s attempt to lớn bring "premium-ness," both in kiến thiết and build quality, to a budget phone. The end result is shy of success, thanks to a few stumbles và strange areas.

Let"s start with the design. From the front, the Zenfone 4 Max looks lượt thích pretty much every Hãng Asus phone we"ve sầu seen in the last while: thiông chồng bezels, capacitive sầu navigation keys, và a trang chính button that doubles as the fingerprint sensor. With such a massive focus on photography, Asus decided to put in a single-LED selfie flash in the right corner of the top bezel. The 8MP front camera isn"t too far from it. While we"re here, let"s talk about one extremely strange kiến thiết choice. Asus is a huge người of capacitive sầu navigation keys. Even though I don"t like them, the bachồng & recents buttons on the Zenfone 4 Max don"t light up. Yeah, that"s right, the reflective coating is supposed to act like a backlight here. Spoiler: it absolutely fails at that. Of all the hardware decisions on this phone, this one is probably the dumbest.


Flipping the phone over, the unassuming bachồng of the device bears some resemblance lớn the OnePlus 5 with the dual-camera module hugging the top left corner & the Asus logo sản phẩm right where your index finger comes khổng lồ rest. In short, the ZenFone 4 Max is rather boring in its appearance, which isn"t necessarily a bad thing. The phone is mostly metal, save for the plastic bands that cover the top and bottom edges of the device. The whole phone itself does not feel well-constructed, however; instead, it creaks & cracks with even the slightest flex, such as when I put it in my jeans pocket & sat down. The front glass looked lượt thích it was starting to separate from the main body toàn thân of the phone, something I"ve experienced with other Hãng Asus devices as they age. In short, the construction is a very sore point for the Zenfone 4 Max, disappointingly so.

Thanks lớn the huge 5,000mAh battery, this is one chunky phone. It"s thiông xã & heavy, which wears on your wrist after using it for extended periods of time. The glass on the front stops at each side of the phone with a sharp drop-off, meaning your fingers just fly off if you swipe hard enough. It"s a jarring thing at first, especially after using phones where the glass either meets the frame smoothly or curves off down the edge.

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In all, the Zenfone 4 Max is just boring. There"s nothing exciting about its design or anything. For a phone in this price range, I cannot fault it for failing to impress — that"s just the nature of the beast.

At 5.5" diagonally, the IPS LCD display is... tolerable. It sits at a less-than-igiảm giá khuyến mãi 720p resolution (not surprising), meaning that pixels are stretched pretty thin. The entire UI looks lượt thích the magnification is phối to lớn the fullest extent possible which, when combined with this version of ZenUI, makes the entire user interface feel cartoonish. While I, being a person with thiông chồng fingers, appreciate large touch targets, this goes a bit too far.


In general, however, the display isn"t too bad. Like most of the Zenfone 4 Max, it"s plain & functional. Colors are okay, but they"re rather washed out & paler than they should be. On my review unit, ZenUI prohibits me from using Asus" color adjustments, including the "Super Vivid" & xanh light filter modes, for some reason that I cannot fathom. Brightness was also in the "just fine" territory, but the viewing angles were excellent.

Performance & battery life

At $199, you shouldn"t expect beastly performance out of this phone. The Snapdragon 430 is a decent SoC, but I found several instances of lag và stutter when using the Zenfone 4 Max. ZenUI really bogs this thing down sometimes, to the point where it takes several seconds to open an tiện ích, go baông chồng to lớn the home page screen, or even answer a Điện thoại tư vấn.


For the majority of my time with the Zenfone 4 Max, I was pretty disappointed with the overall performance. Those lags & stutters happened often enough lớn stiông xã in my mind. One or two every now and again is fine, but several in the span of a few hours becomes frustrating. And, of course, this being a budget phone, there are plenty of RAM-conserving issues to be found, too, though Asus isn"t as bad about this as other OEMs like Xiaongươi or Huawei. Still, 3GB is plenty enough, which is why I find myself annoyed to see such strict memory regulation.

The battery life is where this phone shines. The 5,000mAh cell goes forever... well, not really, but you know what I mean. I took the phone off the charger one morning with the battery at 100% & didn"t plug it in again until two days later. Bear in mind that I was using this phone regularly, so color me impressed. On idle standby, the battery life is even better.

One other interesting feature is reverse charging, i.e. the Zenfone 4 Max can act as an external battery baông xã for your other devices. That"s pretty neat & Asus even includes a compatible cable— it"s just a male microUSB to female USB-A dongle. I lượt thích to lớn see this sort of thing và I used it while I was simultaneously testing another Hãng Asus phone. It came in handy, for sure.



The camera performance is where Asus has firmly placed its focus (heh) for this phone. Without a doubt, you can eek out some decent photos in the right lighting conditions, especially given the price point. On the baông xã, the dual thiết đặt is comprised of a 13MP main shooter and a 5MPhường. 120° wide-angle lens. Like I said earlier, you get 8MPhường on the front with a single LED flash.

What this phone puts out will never come cthảm bại khổng lồ what you"ll see in the higher-over spectrum of smartphone photography, obviously, but image quality is decent on its own merit. With proper lighting, photos have sầu accurate colors, good Trắng balance, and above-average sharpness. Detail is definitely good enough for social truyền thông media, especially Instagram, which is what Asus seems lớn be aiming for.


Low-light is, understandably, hit or miss; however, my results ended up being much better than I expected. There"s still plenty of noise, but I"ve sầu seen far worse in recent months. My biggest problem, though, is with the autofocus— it"shorribly slow, inaccurate, và more annoying than helpful. Dynamic range is also disappointing, but using HDR helps in many cases. The main camera is not without its flaws, but I respect what Hãng Asus managed lớn squeeze out of it given the budget price of the phone.

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I vì not typically use front cameras more than once a month, but since the selfie game is where Asus wants the Zenfone 4 Max to lớn succeed, I think it"s appropriate to talk about it. In short, it"s pretty terrible. The flash is less than useless; it actually makes the photos worse. In every one I tried, in multiple lighting conditions & environments, the camera took my ruddy complexion and blew it out of proportion (much lượt thích the Beautify feature you see on phones these days). Normally, you wouldn"t catch me ever posting photos lượt thích this anywhere, but it"s just part of the job I suppose.