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Excel, lượt thích all other applications of Microsoft Office, has eased the lives of most professionals. Whether you have sầu to lớn make reports, or they are khổng lồ be used to make some tables for work & so on, Excel has always proven helpful. But Excel is not exempt of errors. One such error being, “Excel found the unreadable nội dung error.”


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What unreadable nội dung is?Well, it is the unrecognized format of functions that are used in the particular excel file. When a complicated Excel tệp tin is created with the ability to lớn make appropriate calculations easy, it requires an inmix of specific macros as well as formulae. If some of the settings might be automatically changed within the backdrop of the tệp tin. In such an Excel file, all of the functionaries that have sầu been inserted, work perfectly. But, when you try to open the same data, it might be disrupted by “Excel found the unreadable content error.” Why? Well, this crashing is a result of the removal of individual objects from the Excel tệp tin. This is how a user may face this error on their screens:

Firstly, when you try khổng lồ open corrupt Excel XLS and XLSX files, the following message appears as a symptom lớn the above sầu greater Error:

“Excel found unreadable nội dung in . Do you want lớn recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, cliông chồng Yes.”

What happens next? Well, when you move sầu forward, you can experience the following situations.

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“Excel cannot open the tệp tin ‘filename.xlsx’ because the tệp tin format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the tệp tin has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the tệp tin.” message in case of where you have the corrupt or damaged Excel file with filename.xlsx.“Excel was able to lớn open the tệp tin by repairing or removing the unreadable nội dung.” appears. When this happens, the contents are repaired or removed. But when you click ‘Cthua trận,’ Excel opens the file. This would cause you to lớn go through the following situations:You can actually kết thúc up losing a lot of data at the end of the repair & recovery process.After the repair recovery process you may notice that there is hardly any real data left in the fixed excel tệp tin.Also you can encounter an error message like:“The document is corrupt and cannot be opened. To try and repair it, use the xuất hiện and Repair command in the mở cửa dialog box, & select Extract Data when prompted.” In this case, Cliông chồng on OK. And when you have sầu clicked OK, Excel tries to repair the corrupt file displaying this: “Errors were detected in ‘filename.xls,’ but Microsoft Office Excel was able lớn open the tệp tin by making the repairs listed below. Save sầu the file lớn make these repairs permanent.”Right after clicking on the Close option in the error message, your tệp tin will be lost.What may lead khổng lồ ‘Excel found unreadable content’ error?

What leads lớn this ‘Excel found unreadable content’ error? It is very important khổng lồ know the root cause of any error. As knowing the reason why an error has occurred, can lead you to lớn its solution. So, let’s know what all the factors are that may cause this error in your Excel file.

You may face this issue if the cabít of your Excel is probably full. When the cađậy is full Excel cannot save sầu the documents opened after that. So, if you think that this is the case, try closing all the files and try again.You can face this issue if there is some conflict between Excel version and that XLS file of yours. No need lớn wonder, this may happen due to several reasons that Excel starts conflicting with an XLS tệp tin và you won’t be able khổng lồ use the tệp tin. In this case, it is suggested to convert the file to lớn some other format & try khổng lồ open that tệp tin to lớn access the nội dung.If you are facing this error in your system, then you may not have sầu administrative access khổng lồ the tệp tin. In this case, you can try to lớn open the Excel file with administrative sầu access.If you see this error on your screen, check if your Excel application is installed completely or not. Sometimes due khổng lồ incomplete installation, some very important components of Excel are found missing. Visual Basic component is one of them. So installing Excel completely can solve this issue for you.You can also face this error if you are using a low configuration system. Usually the users who are using old systems or older versions of software face such issues. In this case, the fix is to lớn find the advanced hardware that can help you fix the issue or go for the Advanced Excel settings and disable hardware acceleration.This error may occur lớn you if there is this MS Office issue in which Word & Excel may open a file as a read-only document. This situation leads lớn this error on your screen. To fix the error in this scenario, transfer the tệp tin to lớn some other location on your system và try to open it again.Another reason to lớn face this error in your Excel file is your operating system’s security feature. When you receive sầu a tệp tin through an gmail or you tải về it from the internet, then your operating system may block the file. To fix this error in this case, try to lớn unbloông xã the tệp tin & try khổng lồ open it again.One of the most serious reasons why you might be facing this error could be the corruption in the XLS tệp tin. An XLS file lượt thích all the other files is vulnerable lớn corruption and hence may get corrupt due to lớn many known & unknown reasons. So, to know how to fix the corruption in your XLS tệp tin, keep reading the blog.

So, these all are the reasons why you might be facing this particular error. As we have mentioned that corruption can be a reason that can lead to lớn this error, apart from that it can also be due to damaged or broken XLS files also. We have mentioned the guaranteed solution for such files, keep reading the blog.

Having said the above, let us now proceed to lớn the easiest way lớn bởi away with this error, namely; a third-các buổi party software. Kernel for Excel Repair software is mainly dedicated to this task & aims at providing benefits to its users. Some of its many benefits are as given here below:

The Software is capable of repairing those Excel Files which are damaged.Kernel for Excel Repair ensures a full-fledged data recovery.Further, the Software is capable of providing an instant pReview of the repaired tệp tin.The embedded properties of the Excel files remain intact, & the structure of the data remains 100% original.Kernel for Excel Repair can be used in these simple steps:Browse to select the File to lớn be repaired.

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Click RepairThe Process lớn improve the File begins.
Now, you can pnhận xét the File.
Cliông xã Save sầu lớn save sầu the fixed File, & a Window will be visible which allows you to find destination directory where you can save the file. Click Save sầu.
The software starts saving. Post-completion, a links to lớn the saving location is shown.

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Note: The Above sầu procedure is for a single tệp tin.Final words

If you are facing Excel found unreadable nội dung error, you needn’t be perturbed because there are many easy ways to lớn repair Excel tệp tin & recover lost data, both manually & mechanically. However, it is advisable that you seek refuge in the mechanical means due to the speediness in which such means work & that is where Kernel for Excel Repair comes in. For more information bởi take a look at the website or connect with their Support team.