You need lớn install Windows due to different reasons, such as reinstall operating system and upgrade system. During the installation process, you may encounter many errors. Error 0x80300002 is a common one which implies the partition errors or the Windows installation truyền thông corruption.

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Many people have reported the Windows installer error 0x80300002 during Windows installation. The detailed error message is:

We couldn’t install Windows in the location you choose. Please kiểm tra your truyền thông drive. Here’s more info about what happened: 0x80300002.


Fix We Couldn’t Install Windows in the Location You Choose Error

Windows installation can be a simple process with the help of Windows Installer. The interface is very user-friendly (you can see prompts in each step), so you can finish installing the OS easily and quickly.

Yet, if corruption is found in the partition table of the drive on which the installation is performed, the Windows installation can’t be completed as planned.

If partition table corrupts, you must want to recover data from the corresponding partition immediately. Here’s what you should do:


Simple Tips For Data Recovery From Partition Table Issues

Indeed, partition table recovery can be quite an easy job as long as you have an easy-to-use third-party tool lớn help you.

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Causes of Windows Installer Error 0x80300002

There are many factors that could be responsible for the appearance of Windows installation error 0x80300002. I summarized three common reasons for you:

Wrong partition: if you have selected the partition which can’t be used lớn install Windows, the prompt will appear.Improper changes of older Windows prior: if the older Windows prior has been modified, the 0x80300002 error could also show up.Corrupted Windows installation media: we couldn’t install Windows in the location you choose error will also occur when the truyền thông media (CD/DVD/USB drive) you use to install Windows is corrupted somehow.

4 Solutions to lớn Windows Installation Error

In this section, 4 methods will be introduced to fix the problem when We couldn’t install Windows in the location you choose error message pops up.

Method 1: remove external hardware.

A few users have reported that they only see the error after connecting certain external hardware to lớn the computer on which Windows installation is in progress. The error is fixed when the external hardware is removed.

Therefore, when you see stop error 0x80300002, my advice is to try to lớn solve the problem by removing all unnecessary external hardware temporarily.

Method 2: verify the compatibility.

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If the installation truyền thông is not compatible with the BIOS of your computer, the installation error will be caused.

You need to lớn set your BIOS to legacy when the truyền thông media is partitioning with MBR.

Do remember to kiểm tra these parameters to lớn find out if there is compatibility issue or not.

How to fix if your PC is not booting after BIOS update?

Method 3: delete partitions.

Bad partitions can also cause the error, so you should cancel the installation và restart your computer. If the PC can boot, you should try deleting partition. Before deleting partitions, you should back up data in it.

How to delete (in Windows 10):

Right click on This PC desktop icon.Choose Manage from the pop-up menu.Select Disk Management under Storage.Right click on the target partition và choose Delete Volume.Repeat this process lớn delete all the partitions on your installation media.Try the Windows installation again & create new partitions during the process.

If you forget to back up data until the partitions have been deleted, you may use the Partition Recovery function of chantamquoc.vn.

Method 4: try System Restore.

The System Restore feature in Windows will allow you lớn restore your system khổng lồ an early point where the error didn’t occur. After the System Restore has been done correctly, you can try to install Windows again.


Make The Most Of System Restore In Windows 10: Ultimate Guide.

Besides, you can also try to fix We couldn’t install Windows in the location you choose issue by recreating the bootable USB drive or connecting the hard disk to lớn a different computer.



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